What the Plus!

I stumbled upon this book while using Google+ and I'm IN LOVE!  This is a user manual for Google+ and he is hilarious!  I haven't made it all the way through yet but I have learned so much.  Guy breaks down the differences between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, shares common terminology, and explains the purpose of each.

Facebook is for Friends- keeping up with them learning who has a new dog, baby or boyfriend
Twitter is for Perceptions-  what are people at ground zero saying about an event
Pinterest is for Pictures- Sharing photos of things that you like, want to do, want to remember
Google+ is for Passions- Not everyone on your current social media friends list love ed tech or photography like you do, but using Google+ you can 'meet' and discover people with the same passions as you.  

Be sure to check out Guy's book What the Plus.  It can be purchased in a variety of different formats.  For more information click here.


  1. What an easy way of putting it!! Thanks for sharing that-I'll have to check out the book too!

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