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Is anyone a member of  It is a site with TONS of tutorial videos, tons, like thousands.  It is a membership site for $25 a month.  My Sister in Law told me about it months ago, but for Christmas I got a new camera and on the site it has an entire course for learning to use my specific camera.  While I was stalking the free videos I discovered how many things that I had no idea existed but also how eager I am to learn.  There is EVERYTHING.  Photoshop, Illustrator, creating Facebook apps, photography, blogging, Blackboard, you name it and it is on there.  Honest.  Now, due to Google's ad targeting I'm honestly seeing ads at least 4 times a day.  I really want to subscribe but worry that I won't be able to stop at a month or won't get my moneys worth for the given month.  

I know there are some awesome tutorials on YouTube and other places (I know I made some of them!) but with those I feel like I waste so much time trying to find a good presenter that can quickly, accurately, and effectively deliver the information.  The other side to this coin is that my internet at home is REALLY SLOW.   In fact I cannot even make it through any of the free videos on without it pausing.  So all of my video viewing would be at before or after school.

Is anyone out there a member? Do you feel you get enough out to justify subscribing?  What classes have you taken?  Have you learned anything life changing?  I would LOVE some feedback on this! Thank you so much!  :-D


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