Kitchens, Tool Benches, Wedding Dresses and Fancy Paper!

I cannot believe Christmas break is over.  Seriously, that went so quick!  I spent most of my time at home with my two little kids.  :-)  Christmas was a blast- my three year old was so excited.  My husband has been hard at work most of December working at Santa's Workshop to create a kitchen set for Eliza and a workbench for one year old Henry.  

So stinkin' cute!  I made a Shuterfly recipe book to go along with the kitchen.  It has a recipe for each member of our immediate family, each grandparent and aunt and uncle along with their picture with Eliza.  Love it!

I'm working on a photo wall at home and through this project my daughter saw many picture of my in my princess (wedding) dress.  To make a long story short we ended up doing an impromptu photo shoot of her wearing my dress.  :-)  Upon sending these pictures to my husband he stated that he just isn't ready for that yet!  When she is all sweet and cute like this she can melt your heart, when you wake her up in the morning that is quite another story!

I've been working on a new item for the shop.  It is a set of 20 writing papers featuring dots, stripes and candy.  Check it out here

Have a great day!  



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