Turn your Blog into an iBook

I am ridiculously excited about this!  The site eBook Glue allows you to take your blog (or I guess anyone's really) and put all past posts as an iBook.  All that you need to do is enter the sites web address or RSS feed address.  Then virtually seconds later you have a downloadable ePub document and a link to share with your friends.  Check out my iBook of this blog here: Link 

For me, this serves several purposes.  It is a way to back up your blog, you can have a somewhat physical product but what makes me really excited is that I now have a way to catch up on someone's blog who I haven't had time to read while driving.  I don't have an iPad with 3G so when I'm on the go at times I'm limited.  Now, if I have a long road trip I can have plenty of reading material to take along without spending a fortune on traditional ebooks.  If you do a classroom blog where your students are the writers this would be a great way for them to see just how much they have written and an easy way to share with parents.  I hope this makes you just as excited!


  1. That is a great resource! I just turned my blog into an iBook. What a great idea to turn all of my favorite blogs into an epub! Thanks for sharing!

  2. :-D I keep dreaming of laying on the beach catching up on all my favorite blogs. I can dream right!!

    1. This sounds like a wonderful dream! Thanks for the shout out! There are some really great fonts on that site! I am seriously thinking about purchasing the iFontMaker app in some of my classrooms to allow students to create their own fonts!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! I'm going to check it out.




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