Have you read this blog?  It's rockin!  No, honestly, she seriously amuses me!  I'm linking up with her Currently January post.  This is my first time for this so bear with me!  :-)

LOVING! The best part of this is my husband FINALLY being home!  He left the week before Christmas.  Came home for about 24 hours for Christmas Eve/Christmas left again.  Came home for 24 hours for New Years and then left again for another week.  So he was gone for the entire Christmas break. Bummer.  However, now that he is home, my kids have been stuck on him.  They seriously won't let him go, hence the picture below we were out to eat and I got the entire bench to myself.. ha!  Below Eliza is telling all of the secret stuff we did over break to John. :-D

THINKING!!  I'm really struggling lately.  I feel as though I am stuck in a rut.  The day to day is becoming the exact same every. single. day.  I want/need a new challenge.  Granted, I'm now teaching AP Government online for school  something that is way out of my box but I want to learn a new skill set.  Something techy.  I need a new certification or something.  Any ideas?  I'm taking input! :-D

Seriously.  Check out these cuties!  




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