Help Desk, Maybe

I have spent the last two days at eTech and it has been nothing short of AMAZING!  I'm now trying to pick the ideas that I want to implement....  I'm loving myself some Raspberry Pi- has anyone tried that yet???  A $35 dollar computer that you hook up yourself... hmm... :-)

I also discovered this video through one of the sessions.  Ryan Collins.  You are awesome!  Maybe one day I can pull something like this off!  :-D


I'm teaming up with Beth at Taming my Flock of Firsties for an amazing giveaway! Seriously, she is giving away a TON of awesome items and most of them are your choice!  Check it out for sure!

Setting Gmail as your Default Mail Client

Recently, in our district, we have switched to Google Apps for Education.  I personally I have enjoyed the process of gaining a better understanding of the ins and outs of the administrator panel.  We have been Google for about 3 months now.  There have been a few hiccups along the way but overall it has been very smooth.  Today I had a question about how to set Gmail as your default mail client so when you click on an address it goes straight to Gmail instead of Outlook.  These are the steps that we took.

Inside of your management profile, under advanced tools, you can go down to Google Apps desktop features and install the exe file that will make GMail, Docs, and Calendar a shortcut on your desktop.  Once you have this installed you can change the default mail client.  Now, go to your start menu, Click Default Programs, Under programs click Google Apps- it will have the mail icon  beside of it.  Click okay and you are set!

This isn't life changing but it can sure change your mood once you have eliminated copying the address, closing Outlook, and pasting the address into Gmail.  Have a great day!

I'm a Published Author!

It is official   I'm now a published author!  My journal article was accepted and finally published yesterday in the lastest issue of Adolescent Literature in Perspective!  I wrote this in September or October so I feel like it has been a long time coming but it is FINALLY out and I'm a published author!  So exciting!  :-)

Check out the digital version of the journal here.  My specific article is here. I'm so very excited!!!!


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