Do you Wordle?

Wordle? Wordle? Anyone? is one of the very first web 2.0 tools I fell in love with.  You enter a bunch of Words and it displays the words that are used the most the biggest and those that are used the least the smallest.  I really like to use this with students because it not only doesn't require a username and password but it can be quickly be used to see if what you are trying to say is what you are really writing about.  For example, as you will see in the video below I entered the URL for this blog and it took the word that was mentioned the most the biggest.  Unfortunately, this word is NOT what I want to write about... well I guess it is sorta but I need to be more specific in my posts.  Want to know what word it was?  Well, I'm not telling because it will make that word appear even bigger!  (If you watch the video you will see the word).  :-)  Here is a tutorial of how to use Wordle

Interested how you can use this in the classroom?  Here are 46 (and growing) awesome ways to use Wordle in the classroom!  Amazing!  :-)

Check out other Web 2.0 Tools on  So will you Wordle?


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