Christmas Time is Almost Here!

As I'm watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer with my daughter who is in LOVE with Christmas movies, I just realized I haven't posted my Christmas resources yet.   The month of December is always so crazy- with music practices, assemblies, parties, and just general craziness and with FOUR FULL WEEKS until Christmas I feel as though the bag of tricks needs to be especially full this year!  I have compiled several Christmas games and activities to help fill those little bits of time.  Check them out on 

A bit of shameless self promotion.  I apologize in advance, I won't make this a habit.  I have been spending YEARS creating and sharing resources on various sites at no cost, anyhow I joined TeachersPayTeachers and only posted free items for a very long time but I have just posted my first paid items.  I know a huge step... I'm sure I won't get rich but hopefully I sell something to at least put a little dent into my monthly clipart bill, or the costs of keeping running.  So here are my first resources available for purchase!

PowerPoint of Fry's Third Hundred Words

Fry's Second Hundred Words PowerPoint

Fry's First Hundred Words PowerPoint

Thanks so much!  :-D



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