Watch, Know, Learn

Have you heard of  This site takes all of the video content online and then breaks it down for the classroom.  They have all of their videos divided into 16 categories including math, science, language arts, history, social studies, computers and technology and many more.

In each of these categories they are broken down further into ten different categories.  For example, I click math and then it is broken down into 12 different categories including everything from addition, money, measurement to calculus and the history of money.     Once I clicked on measurement, I went to time, and then telling time to the quarter hour there are 4 reviewed videos that are rated by teachers and ready for the classroom.  

Today when I went there was an AWESOME update.  They now have classrooms for each grade level.  I went to the first grade classroom and they have all of their videos aligned to the Common Core.  Let me say that again.  ALL OF THEIR VIDEOS ARE ALIGNED TO THE COMMON CORE!   Are you serious!?!?  Now you can go in there and search for all of the  text exemplar videos that are teacher rated and ready for use.  Think about how much time that will save you!

You can find this and other common core resources on my website here.  Do you have any other free resources that I should include?


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