Throughout my trainings this summer I was asked how to find student friendly websites, games, and resources as well as materials for teacher professional development.  I have worked throughout the summer to compile a site for you and your students that has “the best of the web” all in one place.  These resources are broken down into 157 different areas including everything from the alphabet and colors to the periodic table to technology tutorials.  The site also includes several resources to help with implementation of the common core.

Take a minute to take a look at and remember to bookmark or link to this site on your school and personal websites.  Feel free to use any of the materials on this site just remember to link back.  :-)  Pass this resource along to anyone that you feel would benefit.

I hope to use the blog to feature new resources that can be found on and that the website will be more of a student friendly easily accessible version of the materials.  So take a minute and sit right down and take a look!  Please let me know what you think and what resources you would like to see!  :-)

I'm trying to have all of my materials and resources have a similar feel.  And for those of you know me personally, I sent a picture to the person who made the advatar.  I totally thought he would make me a little bit more chunky but hey, I'll take it!  And for those of you who I meet in the future don't be surprised when I show up  a little bit more beefy than the picture!  But, I guess, it's something to shoot for! 



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