The Mom Stays in the Picture

I have two little kids, Eliza who is 3 and Henry who is 11 months.  I have tons of pictures of them.  Tons.  It is a bit ridiculous, actually.  :-)  I make it a point to get pictures of them with their dad, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, everyone.  But I'm never in the picture- which has always been fine with me.  However, a friend on Facebook posted this article about a Mom who makes it a point to be in the article no matter how she looks that day.  She wants her kids to remember her how she is, and wants them to have a visual reminder of her after she is gone.  If you have kids, please take a moment to read this article.  It makes you think.  The Mom Stays in the Picture.  Do you stay in the picture?


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