Wanna Hangout?

It is official, I am obsessed with Google Plus Hangouts.  Seriously Amazing!  Here is a quick picture of my latest hangout with my pal Sully.

Now, within the hangout there is a toolkit where you can add all sorts of effects to your image- hence the glasses and hats.  I must admit, I am LOVING the glasses- I went shopping today and looked for a pair- didn't find one that quite pulled off the level of nerdiness that I'm looking for but I'm on the hunt!

I am ridiculously amazed with this- at first I was like oh, look, Skype, wait Facetime--- been there!  But it is so much more.  You can hangout with 9 different people at the same time- did you catch that?  NINE.  How cool is that?!?!  This is the ultimate collaboration tool.  You can watch a YouTube video together, pause it, and chat about it.  Collaborate together on a Google Doc or other file.  Holy Smokes!  And get this- you can have your session recorded and sent straight to YouTube where people who are not in the hangout can watch LIVE.  Did I mention the best part???? It is FREE!!!  Doesn't cost a dime!

Hangouts are way amazing, the cool thing to do really.  Everyone's doing it really.  So I have to ask--- wanna hangout?  :-D  Seriously, I'd LOVE to!  Let me know if you would like to in the comments below!

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