Everyday Leadership: Ted Talk with Drew Dudley

Do you ever have those moments that change everything?  Your path in life, your idea of yourself, or a view of something.  I just finished watching this amazing Ted Talk by Drew Dudley where he explored the idea of leadership.  I have always felt that to be a leader you need to be a step ahead, you need to distinguish yourself among your peers- Drew challenged this view.  He says that it is the everyday leadership that changes your life- the things that you do day to day that has lasting impact on those around you.  

Do you have a lollipop moment similar to the one in the video?  Have you told the person about it?  I haven't- but maybe I should.  They always say that it is the little things that matter.  The times when you aren't trying to be a leader but instead just help the person next to you.  I had a lollipop moment just this week where two people helped me out tremendously and I won't forget it- although I'm still getting over this event!  Eric and Trevor if you are reading this I'm talking about you!  Do you have a lollipop moment?  Has anyone ever told you about something that you did that changed their life?  Do you remember doing it?

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