Google Education on Air- Creating a Community of Collaboration with Google Sites

Tomorrow I will present Creating a Community of Collaboration with Google Sites on Google Edu On Air.  If you haven't visited this site it is a must see!  Google Certified Trainers and Teachers are presenting via hangouts on a variety of Google Topics.  It is an amazing collaboration of people and resources and I am so excited and honored to be a part of it! 

What is a hangout you ask.  Well, it is a group of up to nine people all online at the same time in a Skype-type session- It reminds me a bit of a Brady Bunch type screen but with all of the web cam video along the bottom of the screen.  Hangouts allow you to share live screen recordings, watch YouTube videos as a group and have a conversation.  Basically- it is amazing.  It is a situation where technology catches up with your imagination.  

The hangouts are happening live everyday at a variety of times.  All sessions are recorded so you can stop back and check out any past hangouts.  I would love for you to join me live on my Google+ page tomorrow or at least catch the recording.  Stop back tomorrow and I'll post the slides from my session as well as the YouTube recording. 


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