FREE Access to over 20 Microsoft Resources- MIE

In February of last year, I was able to spend two days with top notch Microsoft Trainers in the Microsoft Office in Detroit.  During these two days I learned about many programs and Microsoft Infinitives in the classroom. For me, the most impressive aspects was the free resources offered through the Partners in Learning Network

Once you become a member, you have access to over 20 of Microsoft's most popular education tools and teacher resources- all in one place.  Best part of all, they are all free!

Here's the list of the included free programs: (I have highlighted my favorites!)

  • Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery
  • Microsoft Photosynth
  • Microsoft AutoCollage
  • Microsoft Songsmith
  • Microsoft Kodu Game Lab
  • Microsoft Office Web Apps
  • Windows Live SkyDrive
  • Microsoft Docs for Facebook
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Bing Translator
Research & Study
  • Bing
  • Microsoft Office Ribbon Hero 
  • Microsoft Mathematics 4.0
  • Microsoft Chemistry Add-in for Word
  • Microsoft Academic Search
  • Microsoft Worldwide Telescope
  • Innovative Teacher Toolkit
  • Microsoft Education Math Worksheet Generator
  • Office Add-in for Moodle
  • Getting Started Guides & How-to Videos
  • Microsoft Digital Literacy
  • Microsoft Mouse Mischief
Here is a link to the One Note file that Microsoft shared with the Innovative Educators filled with guides, tools, searching tips and more.  This thing is loaded, it is unbelievable actually!

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