A Bunny Blog Hop

A Tisket, A Tasket, Freebies for your Basket!
Several phenomenal teachers and bloggers are joining forces for an amazing bunny blog hop!  As you follow us along the bunny trail, you will visit some of your favorite blogs and discover a few new blogs too!  Each with a fabulous freebie just for you!

Thank you for hopping on over to my blog!

One of my FAVORITE times of the year is getting the caterpillars in the mail and watching them grow into butterflies.  Now, I even do this at home with my own kids.  In my opinion one of the most important parts is having the students record what is happening, so I created this Butterfly Observation Journal.

When you are preparing for your life cycle unit, be sure to check out these sites, videos and apps:


Complete Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly (4 min 33 sec) Hosted on YouTube

Butterfly HD- $1.99 

You can snag the full packet here.  It is on sale March 28, 29, and 30th!

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Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Teachings a Hoot

Just in case you didn't join us from the beginning, here is an ordered list of all the participating blogs.

Stephany from Primary Possibilities
Sally from Elementary Matters
Lory from Fun for First
Linda from Primary Inspiration
Nicole from Mrs. Rios Teaches Second Grade
Brian from Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings
Liz from The Happy Teacher
Jennie from JD's Rockin' Readers
Sarah from Learning is for Superstars
Teresa from Fun in K/1
Nikki from Teaching in Progress
Faith from Kindergarten Faith
Renee from Fantastic First Grade Froggies
Amy from Happy Teacher Heaven
Leah from Learn with Leah
Nicole from Teaching's a Hoot
Kristy from The Phonic's Phenomenon
Rich from Mr. Giso's Room to Read
Susanna from Whimsy Workshop
Amy from Motivate to Learn
Lola from Preschool Wonders
Kimberli from Mixing the Next Batch


  1. Thanks for the blog hop.

  2. This will be great to use when we study caterpillars! Thanks :)
    Preschool Wonders

  3. Oh, I wish we were able to teach butterflies!
    We get to raise mealworms. Yay.
    I'll share the link with our K and 2 teachers - they get to teach the fun butterfly unit:)

    Teaching in Progress

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